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If the heart beats for Straight Egyptians, it beats twice in August because at two weekends in a row Egyptian horse showed their nobility to the spectators. The first show was the "Egyptian Event" of the Pyramid Society Europe on the Kauber Platte. International visitors and international horses! From Egypt Dr. Nasr Marei arrived for judging, he was supported by his German colleagues Sylvie Eberhardt, Walter Koch and Dr. Wolfgang Cranz. From Qatar Sheik Abdulaziz Al Thani arrived as a visitor and looked like an eagle over the horses which were shown at different classes. Did he detect one that he liked; he proceeded immediately to the action and submitted to the surprised owners an offer. It can be therefore, that some of the winners found soon their way 'back' into the desert. However, who were the winners?
At the fillies one did not have to search long. In the Championship the decision fell for the benefit of the excellent Nadirah El Shah (AK El Ahhim Shah x Nawaal), a worthy daughter of the mare AK Nawaal well-known for her beauty worldwide. It was not the first victory of this two years old filly which trotted into the judges heart with action and elegance. A great success for the breeder and owner Rosemarie Kolster. Nadirah El Shah is in particular interesting through their valuable dam line: She goes back to the bay Nazeer daughter Bint Maisa El Saghira ( x Maisa), which was imported in 1962 by Douglas B. Marshall from Egypt into the USA. There she was a sensation in the show ring and won at the 'U.S. Nationals'. She was the only Nazeer daughter winning not only at halter but also in performance. The often heard and unfortunately far too seldom kept demand for "beauty and performance" was fulfilled by this mare in exemplary fashion. So very incidentally she pleased her owner with nine healthy foals up to her early death. The most important of all was her son Shaikh Al Badi (the sire of Ruminaja Ali). It is pleasant that this blood is represented in Germany through such a good filly.
At the Reserve Junior Championship judges and spectators saw literally all black - because the especially noble black filly GR Marietta (Madallan-Madheen x Maria Halima) got the blue ribbon around the elegant neck. She was bred, raised and owned by Annette and Erwin Escher, who had a name in particular for their black Egyptians. The pedigree of GR Marietta reads itself then also as a "black list" of Straight Egyptians: The sire is the wellknown black Madallan-Madheen (son of the 'Elite' mare Madinah), the dam is the black beauty Maria Halima whose sire was Haziz Halim - one of the few black sons of the typey Ansata Ibn Halima. Consistent selection!
From Switzerland arrived the champion of the colts: Heirogance (VP Regal Heir x BSA Bataarha), a compact athlete with a wonderful face and flying movements. Perfect trained, being handled perfectly, he was also named Reserve Champion Colt of the International B-show. What a successful weekend for its proud owner Nayla Hayek. Heirogance is one of the few stallions in Europe which traces back to the well-known Ansata Ibn Halima daughter Bint Deenaa (dam of the outstanding stallions Anaza El Farid, Anaza El Nizr and Ibn El Mareekh). Bint Deena's daughter Taarifa (by Moatasim) is not only the granddam of Heirogance, but also the dam of Imtaarif (by Imperial Imdal) who obtained the Supreme Championship at the Egyptian Event in this year in the USA. Champions are apparently in this family.
The Reserve Junior Champion was the far developed yearling Tabari (Ansata Sinan x Talia Halima) bred and owned by the Hain family. A long-lined colt with a very well set on neck. The size and height could be explained through the high percentage of Morafic blood. With Tabari Mrs.& Mr. Hain introduced already the third own-bred Ansata Sinan son as Champion on important shows. What a success for this young stud!
One of the loveliest horses of the Event was the chestnut mare Kaliya (Al Kidir x Kaythara-Halima): full of spirit, she set herself in front of the judges, and surveyed selfconsciously and proud the entire place. An Arabian horse like from the picture book with natural charm and the behaviour of a diva. No trained doll, but a character with corners and rims. With large eyes, about as dark as flaming coal pieces. Nostrils which widen in the excitement as calyxes. In the trot she got taller and it seems that she didn't touch the ground. A power-barrel on four legs! Seven years is she old and beats the Minstril daughter HMT Farima in her class, who later was Champion Mare of the B-Show and Best in Show. Importantly in this connection: With the Egyptian Event the judges note for type was multiplied by the factor 3! Kaliya is a mare whose sight compensates one for the widest way which one likes to travel in order to see her. Not only Sheik Abdulaziz Al-Thani flung covetous looks onto her, no, also the judges could not resist her. For the joy of the owner Rosemarie Kolster Kaliya was named Reserve Senior Champion Mare of the Egyptian Event. The grey mare Sharika (El Thay Ibn Halim Shah x Hamasa Mirja) was named Senior Champion Mare and also got the title "Supreme Champion Mare". Sharika is without doubts one of the most beautiful daughters of her sire and she is in many points looking very similar to him. Particularly in the movements she developed her full spirit and showed her excellent qualities.
With the senior stallions one could admire the "birth" of a new star: Mosalli (Imperial Imdal x Musalina) emerged and triumphed! A grey with outstanding movements and fantastic high set neck which did not let any doubt about his being a genuine Straight Egyptian. A stallion, no puppet! He flung into the showring and showed off provoking before his competitors. He seemed to call out to the other one: "Attention, here the champion comes"! And exactly the same it was. Mosalli is very noble in his expression and knows how to move. The victory was not to be taken from him. He was bred in Israel on the stud of Uri Ariely. His sire is the US star Imperial Imdal (who combines Ansata- and Glennloch-lines). His dam is by Malik. At this time he is on lease in Belgium. It was a beautiful coincidence that Mosalli could achieve his first great victory on the Kauber Platte, because he returned to the cradle of his ancestors. His great-granddam Naya (Kaisoon x Nana by Tuhotmos) almost glimpsed the light of the world exactly there onto the day twenty-five years ago. More than fitting that Mosalli obtained the "Supreme" title of all stallions and was crowned to be the "Best Straight Egyptian of the Year".
An old acquaintance was named Senior Reserve Champion Stallion: Shahil (Maysoun x Shahila) from the stud of Karin and Guenter Maiworm and in the possession of Dottore Santoro from Italy. Very masculine, he presented himself as a stallion to the measure take. Also the judges thought that and rewarded him with the highest points of the entire show.
The stallion Classic Shadwan (Alidaar x Shagia Bint Shadwan) of Annette and Erwin Escher was registrated for the Egyptian Event, but then started only at the International B-Show. And there he stole the show from all others and won the Senior Championship under thounderous applause of the visitors. With him and HTM Farima as a Supreme Champion Mare and "Best Horse of the Show" and Heirogance as a Reserve Junior Champion Colt the straight Egyptians again showed that they do not need to fear the competition in all open Arabian shows. Quod erat demonstrandum.


11. -13. August 2000

What a place! Noble Arabian horses presented themselves in front of the scenery of the beautiful baroque gardens of the king of Hanover. Shining sunshine on all three days, shining faces in the public and a shining smile with the owners of the winners and placed ones! Also with the Asil Clup the bloodlines of Straight Egyptians dominated and all Championships and all classes could be won by Arabians of Egyptian bloodlines. The quality of the champions was high, behind that often some gaps were seen however.
An Egyptian Princess earns a throne and on the Asil Cup she got him, too: The three-years old The Princess of Egypt (Orayan of Maysoun x Shahneekha) achieved to be named Junior Champion Filly in front of the one year younger Maida Bint Bint Mohssen (E.T.Shah Mabrouk x Bint Mohssen). The Princess of Egypt is exceptional in every relationship, type, good size, nevertheless high-noble, long in the neck, closed in the body and entertaining the people with her spectacular movements. A dream of a horse! It was not her first great victory and it will not have been their last one either. Not only the sire of Maydan-Madheen and the grandsire of The Princess of Egypt is the stallion Maysoun. No, also the Reserve Senior Champion Stallion Orashaan ( x Orasha) had the same roots and came out of the stud of Karin and Guenter Maiworm. With that, Maysoun was one of the most influential stallions at the Asil Cup.
The Junior Championship of the colts became a highlight of the show. Here two horses which would teach the fearing on every show faced to themselves: Al Lahab (Laheeb x The Vision) and Kamsin Rodan (Ansata Sinan x Khediva Rodaniyah). Both are yearlings, nevertheless the winners of the two and three years old colts could not convey anything against their overriding quality. Al Lahab was bred by Uri Ariely and stands in the possession of the Friedmann family. He originates from a mix of the most popular American bloodlines - Imperial Imdal on the sire side and double The Minstril in the dam line. A fine, very noble, extremely elegant and correct young colt. His movements were also remarkable. The judges rewarded him with the highest points of the show: 19, 20 and 19 (only one note per horse was assigned). If you were not on the Asil Cup and could not see Al Lahab, don't worry. With safety this victory was only the prelude of a spectacular show career. Also Kamsin Rodan from the stud and in the possession of the Hain family is first quality. As a Reserve-National Champion of Neustadt/Dosse still in good memory, he improved for the Asil Cup. He seemed to be more refined. He will also be on the top in future shows!
Also the Senior Championship of the Mares was a celebration for the eyes. Six grey Arabian horses fighted with each other for the favour of the judges and the public. No easy decision, nevertheless the judgment was unanimously. Sabine von Elm's fleabitten mare Halim Shah I-1 (Halim Shah I x of 227 Ibn Galal I) won the Reserve-Championship. High expression combined with highest nobility!
The Supreme Champion Mare was the one bred and owned by Dr. Freimüller: Barasha El Naarah (E.T. Ibn Halim Shah x Al Basra by Madkour). She was already not to beat at the Nationals at Neustadt/Dosse. What should to be said over this mare? In fact one should enjoy silently and devoutly, because a horse like this is rare. If one meets these quality one will long remember that. I can recommend only everyone to call her owner and to agree upon a visiting date. Drive to the stud and enjoy. You will not regret it! That Barasha El Naarah received not only the Asil Cup for females, but also the title "Best Horse of the Show" needs hardly any mention. Also this judgment was unanimously. Judge Judith Forbis could see herself hardly full at her. "One of my most beautiful and simplest judge tasks", she said after the Championship. "Barasha El Naarah is wonderful. No doubt, this mare has all that needs to be an Arabian horse!" Nothing is to be added.

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