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To Robert Schlereth and Volker Wettengl of the training stable and studfarm Al Qusar we must pronounce our most cordial thanks, that they with so much love, great inset and best organization arranged for us this show. In spite of the moderate weather a trip was worth to Velgen, which was obvious through the participation of exhibitors from Italy, Hungary, Schwitzerland and South- and West Germany. There were also very interested visitors from the Orient. Sheikh Abdulaziz and his friends, known for his knowledge about Straight Egyptian Arabians and Sheikh Hamad as a judge were also in this year our visitors.

It is very often, that a specific stud in some year is especially successful. This time it was the stud of the Friedmann family from Zell. Two get of the US import Sarameena (Fa Ibn Sar x Flabys Joffa) became the winners in two youth classes: F Shamaal by Maysoun won in the group of yearling colts and F Samirah by Ali Valentino in the class of 2 years old fillies. Sarameena, the dam of both, is the result of linebreeding to Sar Ibn Moniet, a son of the well-known and exceptional stallion Ibn Moniet el Nefous. The 2 year old F Samirah of Ali Valentino was estimated of the judges more highly and came to highest honours: Junior Champion Filly, Supreme Champion and then even won the Pyramid Cup (Best Egyptian of the year 2001). Two marvellous young animals with textbook heads, very good necks, best bodies and very good trot. With her extreme dish and fine mouth F Samirah in particular found many friends among the spectators and judges alike.

The Friedmann family had, however, still another iron in the fire. With their young colt in the class of the 2 year-olds they presented a top horse, another overriding model. With Al Lahab by Laheeb, that one could admire on the first page of the brand-new Almanach III, they won immediately the class. Al Lahab is an Imperial Imdal son, which in turn was an offspring of the known top sire Ansata Imperial. His dam The Vision HG is by Thee Desperado out of Belle Staar, both sired by the handsome super sire The Minstril. According to the class victory Al Lahab was in the Championship and was named Junior Champion Colt. Better it could not run! But the further elections brought a surprise! Not Al Lahab became Supreme Champion, but his charming stable mate F Samirah. In the international ECAHO show at the same weekend, the enchanting F Samirah became the Junior Champion Filly as well. The Friedmann stud was very satisfied. That should it be, because with the young stallions there was a strong competition with colts like Hamra Aligance by Ali Valentino x Sonbohlas Music (owners Reiter & Küppers). This horse with its prominent head and the very balanced body already had an impressive show record that includes a class win at the Nations Cup. Behind Al Lahab as a Champion his stable mate F Shamaal of Maysoun became the Reserve Champion Colt.

During the selection for the Pyramid Cup (Best Straight Egyptian) F Samirah stood in competition to the 7 year old stallion El Thay Mashour. The very typey El Thay Mashour by Madkour I x El Thay Bint Kamla (owner & breeder C. Tauschke) was not easy to beat. He got already Champion and Supreme Champion of the stallions. The sire of El Thay Mashour, the late Madkour I, goes went in tail female line to the famous mare Moheba. This El Zahraa bred mare was a daugther of the foundation mare Halima. The German Halima line with crossbreeding to Ansata Halim Shah, is always good for a surprise.

Reserve Senior Champion Stallion was the tall MB Shattal by Atticus-The Minstril out of EH Bushrah ,a mare bred by Mr. Hagenlocher (Owner Mrs. von Kameke). He showed best movements and with his big eyes and the expressive face was liked by the judges.

At the Senior Championships for mares Pyramid Set El Nil by Ansata El Salaam out of Ghandura El Saghira (Owner Mrs Wagner) had her nose in front and was awarded Champion Mare. A fine dark bay beauty with type, very good neck, best movements and a lot of presence. The Reserve Champion Mare was the exceptional Malysha by Maysoun out of Haliefee by Abbas Pasha I (Owner & Breeder S. Schreibvogel), a mare with harmony and flair. She could impress visitors and judges alike.

The 3 year old Maida Bint Bint Mohssen by El Thay Shah Mabrouk out of KP Bint Mohssen (Owner E. u. H. Thuersam) was Junior Champion Filly. She impressed with her big eyes, short fine head and her very feminine expression

Many class winners had to be published here, too: GR Amaretta by Classic Shadwan, owner & breeder Escher (1ys. old fillies), Hamra Aligance by Ali Valentino, owner Reiter & Küppers (3ys. stallions), Najimah by The Minstril, owner S. Reiter (9-10ys. old mares), MPA Amiri Alani by The Egyptian Prince, owner R. Kolster (11ys. & older mares), Thamiyan by El Thay Thamam, owner M. Pfeiffer (9-10.ys.old stallions) and Abbas Pasha I by Ansata Abbas Pasha, owner B. Fazekas (11ys. &. old. stallions).

Both Supreme Champions, therefore the Pyramid Cup winner, too, were bred by their owners - German breeders. This is proof to the fact that we are breeding very good Straight Egyptians, although of course exceptional horses should be imported. This can be only of advantage. Ali Valentino (owner Weixelbaum) is obviously such a managed import. In the last years he had supplied already very good offspring and now a Pyramid Cup Champion! Our well-known Madkour I proved again as an outstanding breeding stallion: With El Thay Mashour he set up a Supreme Champion and his son Mahfouz (owner P. Gross) was on a good second place in his class. One of the German top stallions, was also here again in the group of the overriding sires with Malysha and F Shamaal - the well-known Maysoun. Further must be named here Ansata El Salaam, the sire of the Senior Champion Mare Pyramid Set El Nil. His elegant daughter Salome Bint Salaam was on a second place in her class as well as her full brother, Masri El Salaam.

Also in the international ECAHO show many Egyptians stood on first places in their classes with the already mentioned F Samirah as a Junior Champion Filly. The mare Dahmraks Ahira Halim by El Thay Shah Manial (owner Bobrzyk) got with 91,67 points the highest score of the show, in the Egyptian Event she was "only" on a second place, but with very high points as well. The Foal Champion was Shabbura HP by Maydan Madheen (owner H. Preuss) and Al Khayyat by Ali Valentino was Reserve.

Limited space permits further results. However, I would like to append just one additional point: We should think about announcing the individual judging points given to the horses at the Egyptian Event. But the multiplication of the notes for type must absolutely be retained, this is an approved system. Think about it and write to me your opinion, an objective discussion is always welcome.

S. Paufler

The Egyptian Classic-Show at Tiburg 2001

At the 22nd of July in turn the Smarius Stud in Holland invited us again for a competition of Straight Egyptians on their idyllic place. This show takes place at one of the loveliest showgrounds you can imagine. The further increase of quality Egyptians and visitors showed this. The excellent services and the comfortable atmosphere, surrounded with oriental flair, caused for the numerous visitors and exhibitors an impressive day. So the event encountered a general contentment in total. In view of the meanwhile reached size and importance the suggestion was made to invite several judges and to carry out the judging through announcing the points according to the usual evaluation criteria and therefore to get more differentiated results. It was not a slight task for Mrs Sylvie Eberhardt, who dissolved her judging alone however sovereign and to nearly everyone's satisfaction.

The foals championship went to the enchanting JK Bint Dirah by HP Mishaal out of Mindirah of the Oostervink family, followed by Marisch S (El Madahn-Mareekh x Ismaelia) from the stud of the family Smarius , who was the winner of the colt foals with his top movements.

The very typey black GR Marietta by Madallan Madheen out of Maria Halima won Junior Champion Filly with great presence and her marvellous movements. She is owned by the Rothenberg stud of Annette and Erwin Escher. Reserve Champion Filly was the charming and top moving Bint Baatem (Thee Desperado x Baathem, owned by Bianca ter Laan/Willigenburg.

Senior Champion Mare was the ultra-feminine MPA Amiri Alani (The Egyptian Prince x Arabest Sahira) from Authentic Egyptian Arabians. The good moving full sister of the champion foal, Ishmara S, received the title of Reserve Senior Champion Mare.

Junior Champion Colt was the very mature and noble yearling Pyramid Aalin (Ali Valentino x Pyramid Set El Nil), bred and owned by Jürgen Wagner. Reserv Champion was the chestnut colt Authentic Kharazi (Maysoun x Kaliya), a striking model with an attractive trot and typey face, owned and bred by Authentic Egyptian Arabians.

The star of the day was Mosalli (Imperial Imdal x Musaliha), last year's "Egyptian of the Year", now in the ownership of Bessewacht Arabians. With his exotic presence and extreme type he was unbeatable as Senior Champion Stallion. His impressive half-brother Tahir (out of Tiffaha), owned by S. Kullmann was Reserve Champion. Mosalli then was awarded the title "Best in Show".

R. Kolster

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