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Egyptian Event in Italy 2002

From 2nd-4th of August at Rogoredo, in the splendid background of the Lecco lake area, the successful event took place and saw the participation of numerous horses and public. The first Egyptian Event turned out to be a great success, considering the quantity and quality of the horses that came from all over Italy. Our compliments to the Orginanising Committee Il Trifoglio.

The show was divided into eight categories, four to Straight Egyptians and four to Egyptian Related. In the Straight Egyptian show, in the fillies an excellent result for the Gaughof stud farm was seen that earned first place with Maydana Madheen by Maydan Madheen (Maysoun) out of Madallah Madheen (Madinah), who we already have seen and admired at the Egyptian Event Europe. A great satisfaction for her handler Franck Boetto and for the owner of the stud farm Philipp Selva, who has decided to follow always more the Egyptian lines. In the second place the typey and facinating Frasera Morgana by Orfan (Ansata Halim Shah) out of MB Madora (Imperial Madheen), who we are sure will have a great future. Our compliments to the stud of La Frasera and the handler Gilberto Oberti. Third place, confirming the excellent investments made by the Gaughof stud farm, Bahrija Bint Bukra by Mishaal HP ( Ansata Sinan) out of Bukra Bint Salaam (Ansata El Salaam), another pearl also presented by Franck Boetto.

In the colts class victory went to the charismatic and typey Magic Hadib by Ansata Shaamis (Ansata Halim Shah) out of Ayla Dheen (Madheen El Shah), owned by Maurizio Traversini and presented by Franck Boetto, a colt with a beautiful head and good movements. Once again a produced of the La Frasera stud farm was in second place, proving the excellent breeding programme set up by Francesco Santoro and Serenella Zerbini- we are talking about Frasera Ramses Shah by Shahil (Maysoun) out of Ansata Nefer Isis (Prince Fa Moniet), presentd by Gilberto Oberti. The third place DB Nadir by Hawi out of Tabari,owned by Giacomo Piri, a still immature colt but who has excellent prospects for the future.

Thirtheen horses contended for the titel of the mares and they were all superlative, a difficult choice for the judges. As we have already said the quality of all the participants was excellent, in fact the distances between the mares were minimal. Victory, to the joy of her owner Achille Ferraioli of the Ca di Gianni team and handler Paolo Capecci,went to the typey and elegant Classic Lohelia by Lohim (Ansata Halim Shah) out of Classic Medaba (UP Bint Marah). Willy Poth also rejoiced-a particlarily interested spectator, being the owner of the father Lohim. Second place went to the typey and athletic MB Masombi by Imperial Madheen (Messaoud) out of Imperial Na Sombi (Moniet El Nafis), owned by Aldo Aldi and presented by Gilberto Oberti, a mare that was greatly appreciated by the jury. In the third place a mare with a beautiful head and breathtaking movements, Zay Finat T by Fay Sabun (Salaa El Dine) out of Zakeyat (Gadallah), owned by Stefano Gaber`s Serene Egyptian stud farm and presented by Scott Allman.

The last category reserved to Straight Egyptians were the stallions. The beautiful and charismatic Shahil by Maysoun (Ansata Halim Shah) out of Shahila (Ibn Galal), in excellent condition, won the class with the unanimous opinion of the jury. Owned by the La Frasera stud farm and presentd by Gilberto Oberti, the stallion enriches with the victory his already impressive record. The second place won Classic Rashid by Lohim ( Ansata Halim Shah) out of AK Raiyeh (The Egyptian Prince) owned by Santo Characchiolo. The third in this group was Halim El Moez

In conclution: the first Egyptian Event was an excellent experiment,considering the beautiful horses and the presence of international spectators. We hope that next year the number of horses will increase and that it will be possible to organize this event again.

Simone Leo

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