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Presentation of the C. Tauschke-and Dr Nagel-studs on 8-11-2002
with foals collection of the stallion Ashhal Al Rayyan

About 100 friends of Arabian horses from Germany and other European countries had come to the studs and of course also the owner of the stallion Ashhal AL Rayyan, Sheikh Abdulaziz Bin Al Thani, from Qatar.

El Thayeba, C. Tauschke, startet the presentation in the morning with the stallion El Thay Khemal Pascha, by.E.T Mansour out of Kamla II. The winner stallion of the stallion show Vechta 1994 showed much type and is known for his very beautiful, large eyes. His daughter E.T. Tiffany out of E.T. Taghreed led a colt foal a few weeks old by Ansata Exemplar. Khemal Pascha and his known full sister E.T. Kamla represented the strongest line of the stud. Bint Kamla was a winner of many championships in this year: Nationale Juniorchampionesse,Juniorchampionesse of the Egyptian Event Europe 2002 and Supreme Championesse at the Egyptian Classics in Tilburg.
It followed the black Ansata Exemplar by Asjah Ibn Faleh out of Ansata Jumana. He could not establish an own breeding line up to now, because he produced only colts in the own stud from which a 2 yrs.old black one was sold to Qatar last year.
After them the half-brothers on the fathers side followed, E.T. Mashour by Madkour I out of E.T. Bint Kamla and E.T. Malikh out of E.T. Bint Mofeedah. E.T. Mashour, the well known Supreme Champion and the explained darling and favourite riding-horse of the owner, Cornelia Tauschke, showed up with foals that are long-legged, elegant, typey and equipped with best movements. In this year 5 foals had been born.
After this a presentation of mare families occurred. Very impressive was in this families of E.T. Maheera (Nizam x Mona II) and E.T. Mansoura ( Machmut x Morawa) the very homogeneous and typey expression.
The family of Kamla II ( Ansata Halim Shah x Mona III ) is the most successful one in this stud. Kamla II is a breeding mare of superior quality! To this family belongs: Rosetta, Kamla, Kadiya and Mashoura. Breeders luck apparently was not the only reason for to get this quality arabians, but also a high breeding ability. Congratulation ! The massive breeding with the top stallion Ansata Halim Shah showed also again very much positive.
For the further development of the stud and to avoid stronger inbreeding, Cornelia Tauschke leased Ansata Selman (Ansata Hejazi x G Shafaria by.Prince Fa Moniet) with care and visual estimate as a future stallion from the Al Rayyan stud of Qatar. The 3 years old colt is a very promising young stallion, he was national Juniorchampion and international Juniorchampion in this years shows in Doha/Qatar. He leads both from his father-side and also maternally the blood of the well known Bint Bukra, the full sister of Ghazal. The stallion is characterized by his type, an ideal neck, very good topline and strong moving ability. On his combination with the breeding mares of the stud El Thayeba we are looking foreward with tension to the foals of 2003.
Particularly the main horse stable with that high roof for good air ftooting and in which mares and stallions are stabled side by side was very impressive. All stallions are ridden also daily and they are coming out on a large stallion pasture, too.
Not to forget that in the inner court of the stud after enjoying the nobel horses a lunch war served and the sun came out. We all have to thank for this most cordially. This morning was a marvellous demonstration for our beautiful Egyptians on an exceptional high level.

And on this level it continued at the afternoon with the presentation on the Katharinenhof, the stud of Dr. Nagel at Großenkneten. At the beginning the offspring of the stallion Ashhal Al Rayyan was shown. Dr. Nagel leased him during the last year from the Al Rayyan Stud of Sheikh Abdulaziz Bin Khalid Al-Thani, Qatar. Six colt foals and ten fillies were shown. This was a progeny show as we always requested for. Foals from the studs of Preuss, Schreibvogel, Schlereth/ Wettengl, Schuhmacher, Hannig, Hain, Kesseboehmer, Beste, Tauschke and of course Dr Nagel showed their descendants of Ashhal. Obviously it was to be recognized that all foals were very homogeneously with highly raised collars and with good necks. They showed concludedly a good topline, were long-legged and liked through good movements. Also in the type emission most foals were surpassing. This judgement absolutely approves that Ashhal has achieved his aim. You can find many photographs of the shown foals in the September issue of “Arabische Notizen” on p.31 and p.52-53.

After this impressive experience the stud Katharinenhof, which exists now 35 years, introduced itself. The root mares of the stud go back to the 1968 imported Alaa El Din-daughters Hanan, Mahiba and Lotfeia and onto the Ansata Gloriana and Ansata Ken Ranya, rented /or bought from the USA, the last two go back to the famous Ansata Bint Bukra. On the fathers side merely five stallions have influenced the breeding: Ibn Galal, Mohafez, Madkour I, Jamil and Ansata Halim Shah. The most lasting impression determined Madkour I and Ansata Halim Shah and their male descendants.
With the actual shown stallions the overriding typey stallion Salaa El Dine (Ansata Halim Shah x Hanan) dominated, he already is a legend at living-times and achieved a worldwide breeding influence on arabian horses. The next stallion,Ibn Nejdy, by Nejdy ( Salaa El Dine x Lotfeia) out of Ghazalla, is a short and charming horse with a highly put on collar and large, round eyes. He was not much used in breeding, but enters, however, with his son Hafid Jamil (Ibn Nejdy out of Helala) into the breeding progam of the stud again. This 6 ys. old stallion captivates the spectators with his exotic head,big dark eyes and well arched neck. The great hopes of Dr.Nagel belongs to the 1 jrs.old Hafid Jamil-son Jamal El Dine. He has type, best build body and very good movements.
One has to be careful in breeding and needs an experienced eye to use stallions only out of own lines. The mother of Jamal El Dine is Ansata Ken Ranya who is by Salaa El Dine out of Ansata Prima Rose, which is by Jamil out of Ansata Rosetta, and she goes back to the exceptionel Ansata Bint Bukra, the full sister of our typey stallion Ghazal. What a pedigree! To the end the young,but quite tall stallions Bobol and Oteyba (black), both by Salaa El Dine, were shown.

The further program led to the mare families of the stud. The Mahiba-line had two mares, Layla by Salaa El Dine and Momtaza by Ibn Nejdy. This line had also a strong influence on the other German straight Egyptians through the Mahiba-daughter Mona II.
The legendary Hanan-family is represented most strongly with Nawal, Nariman, Fayrous, Hallah, Amirah and Aziza. The representatives of this family were by Salaa El Dine, Ibn Nejdy, Adnan (Ansata Halim Shah) and Hafid Jamil and are all going back to the highly successful mare Amrullah, who is by Jamil. The very exceptional breeding of Amrullah to Salaa El Dine led to these six highlights of Dr. Nagel`s breeding mares.
The Bint Bukra-family is crowned by the two Salaa El Dine-daughters Helala and Ken Ranya, both are very elegant, dry and noble. Two fine fillies out of Helala, Ashmahan by Shaheen and Ahlam by Adnan showed the breeding development on the highest level. All of this family fascinated with excellent type.
A chesnut mare with an exotic face was the fine Nashua, she is still present at the stud through her daughters Nabeelah by Nahaman and Nasrin and the 1yr. old Nadirah, both by Adnan. All enchanted the visitors with their extreme nobility and typey expression.Over all, one could hardly find an equal group of brood mares of this quality.

The sunny afternoon ended with eating and talkings in a very familiar atmosphere.The breeders sat together and chatted about the exceptionel day. Many thanks to the Nagel-family for their kind hospitality!
These stud presentations showed the high level of the breeding of Straight Egyptians. So many typeful Egyptians to see on a day was an enjoyment of the finest.
The book "Hanan" should be red by all who like to become more familiar with the breeding conception of Dr Nagel. ( Orders: S. Boesche, Am Park 18, D 31319 Sehnde, Arabische Notizen,T.05132-866330).

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