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For friends of arabians interested of Egyptian blood lines Sjef and Jopie Smarius also in this year organized again a show of very special kind.
This under the name "Egyptian-Classic-Show" known event enjoyed since years increasing popularity.
This show had a special flair, the reason is the scenery of the event formed with love for the details. This flair is still underlined of course by international participation. This Egyptian-Classic-Show also to be regarded as a small show, so a good arrangement and ranking of the animals was well possible with the participation of approximately in total 60 horses in this year. In the actual sense, on this show the horses did not get any notes, the horses are ranked by one judge and they are annotated publicly, too.
The task of the judging on the Egyptian-Classic-Show in Tilburg in the year 2002 was done by Dr. Jung from Germany. He ranked the participating horses sovereignly and understandably.

The horses came from Holland, Belgium, Germany and Qatar. Latter had of course the special attention of all visitors, because they represented the country of Qatar. Their owners selected them especialy for the shows in Europe.

The stud AL NAIF from Qatar was it then, who won with the bred and owned AL JANDEH NAIF the Junior Championship of this show. The striking two years old is by Ansata Shalim, an Ansata Halim Shah son, who is a breeding stallion at AL NAIF at home. His mother Ansata Nile Gypsy is a Dahman Shahwania from the Sabah-branch. AL JANDEH NAIF performed according to his age, enchants through Arabian typ and convinced in his movements -in a word a very promising young stallion !
The Reserve's Champion of the Juniors', AUTHENTIC KAZIM came from the stud of Rosi Kolster and is also in theirpossession. A son of the well-proved Maysoun and out of the Al Kidir daughter Kaliya, he is a well developed, very typey grey. Already his full brother
won considerable successes in the last year on some shows in Europe.
The Junior Championesse was the three years old EL THAY KAMLA ,she effortlessly won. This impressing, already almost white young mare was bred and is in the possession of Cornelia Tauschke. She leads the blood of Ansata Halim Shah three times in her pedigree and is otherwise strongly inbred onto the blood of the Mona III and theirfull brother Madkour I.
The Reserve Championship went again onto a horse of the Al Naif stud of Qatar. It was ANSATA MOUNA, a three years old daughter of the Anaza El Farid-son Farres and out of Talmona. Ansata Mouna, a good developed arabian, equipped with very swing-full movements was bred once in Canada, was born on the Ansata Farm in Texas and represented now their new home Qatar here at the show in Holland.

ANSATA NILE ECHO of Ansata Hejazi out of Ansata White Nile became Champion of the Stallion seniors. Impressing, with large-scale trot movements this stallion moved in every observers heart. Onto the point exactly the stallion was awake and ready for his show! The very masculine Dahman Shahwan stallion gained size during the movements. Since he was a yearling he is in the possession of the Al Naif Stud.
Reserve Champion of the stallions was TEYMUR B from the stud of Robert Schlereth and Volker Wettengl. This with particularly beautiful head and big eyes equipped Teymur B was bred at Babolna, as said with the B behind his name. The stallion is a son of the Ansata Halim Shah-son Assad. In his mother line the Dahman Shahwan stallion leads the blood of the Tamria and shows itself as a representative to this line which is expressed in his very best character.

REMARQABLE KA, a 6 years old marquise I- daughter obtained the Senior Championship of the mares. This imposing, quite tall, white mare equipped with tremendous movements was introduced to by Eric Dossers excellently. These, as their name already says truly remarkable mare goes back on her mother root line to the 'Hind' .She was born in the USA, today she has her home at the stud of the Kullman family in Germany.
The Reserve Championesse of the mares came from Germany, ANSATA QUEEN NEFR her owners are Volker Wettengl and Robert Schlereth. She is a Prince Fa Moniet – daughter and one of three full sisters of Ansata Nefertiti. The 9 years old mare showed in Tilburg only a small section of her enormous movement potential. This Dahman Shahwania originates from the well-proved Ansata Bint Misr-family of the Delilah-branch and nevertheless she is also a full sister in blood to the great breeding stallion Ansata Sinan.

The horse with the “Most Classic Head” was the 12 years old stallion IBN BARRADA
from the Flaxman's Arabians, Holland..
"Best In Show" became the three years old EL THAY KAMLA owned by the EL Thayeba Stud, these success is a further and very remarkable one. Nationel Junior Championesse at Neustadt, Supreme Championesse at the Egyptian Event Europe at Winterlingen and now Best In Show at Tilburg, El Thay Kamla is realy a top Straight Egyptian!

Over all the Egyptian Classic Show 2002 was, in spite of the temporarily strong rain, again a well managed and interesting show.
So it remains only to request, that the friends of Straight Egyptians from all countries could meet each other again during the coming years at the Egyptian Classic Show of the family Smarius. !

Susanne Schreibvogel

Click here for Photos and Results of the Show at StraightEgyptians.com!


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